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Close your eyes and imagine yourself playing Roulette. What do you see? Of course, your memory and imagination have pictured a chic Roulette wheel spinning in front of your eyes with a tiny ball rolling in the opposite direction and landing on your favorite number. Right you are! Visual picture of this game is usually presented by the Roulette wheel, while the table of the game which is equally important is usually left behind because you feel that your very destiny is rolling with the ball across the face of the wheel!

Real connoisseurs do not stand staring at the ball – they can wait patiently because they have enough experience to control their emotions. Their eyes are usually are turned to their fellow-gamblers or to the Roulette table. Let us behold this part of Roulette game to make sure you know how to play Roulette. Roulette tables just as Roulette games are slightly different. Let us view American and European table layouts.

The Structure of Roulette Table

Roulette wheel is a small part of Roulette table. The rest of it is immaculate green felt with boxes that stand for bets and white numbers located on circles of different color. Odd numbers are red, even numbers are black, zero and double-zero (in American roulette) are green.

The part of the table with all the numbers (from 1 to 36 plus one or two zero pockets) in the grid is meant for Inside bets. Outside the number boxes there are special places for additional bets, or so-called the Outside bets. These bets cover from 12 up to 18 numbers at one time, so you have higher possibilities to win but your payouts will be lower. Attention! The difference between American and European tables is minimal but American Roulette has one additional betting combination with traditional 6:1 payout. If you make your game at an American table do not forget about this additional bet with a double-zero!

French bets and games at mini-roulette table are very much alike to bets at a big American or European table. It is up to you to choose the table to your taste – Roulette in any form is thrilling enough to make your day bright and worth living!