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People have been gambling for ages and all this time they have been dreaming of the system to win. Many individuals are sure that numbers can be tamed with the help of mathematics and keep checking and presenting their own schemes. Here is a Martingale Betting System that is over 300 years old. It is very popular with modern players and many of them assure that they never lose money with this system. The system is the best for roulette players who enjoy repeating even-money outside roulette bets.

If you are familiar with the martingale probability theory introduced by French mathematician Paul Pierre Lévy, you will soon understand how the classic Martingale roulette strategy works. Chaotic bets at a Roulette table are good for beginners and lucky guys. The rest of gamblers should consider every bet they make.

Classic Martingale System

In classic Martingale system you double up the next bet after each loss and as soon as you win you reduce your bet the initial amount after each win. You will never leave the casino penniless with this system – the winnings will cover all your net losses of the previous bets.

Let us see a classic example. You bet 5 dollars and lose the bet, the next time you bet 10 dollars. If you happen to lose your 10 dollars, you must bet 20 dollars the next spin. If you lose again, do not give up! Bet the increased amount of 40 dollars! When you win you should reduce your next roulette bet to the starting amount of 5 dollars. As a result, you will always have a minimal gain. In our example it is 5 dollars: 40 – (5+10+20)=$5.

ATTENTION: with Martingale betting system you can reach the table betting limit very quickly if the number of losses is more than 7. You should be ready to accept the fact that long losing streaks are not rare in roulette games. Check out the table limit before you start your game. Most roulette tables have a limit of $500. Let us view what happens with Martingale betting system. You bet 5 dollar and start your game. If so, in just seven losses in a row you will reach the betting limit of your Roulette table: 1st bet – $5; 2nd bet – $10; 3rd bet – $20; 4th bet – $40; 5th bet – $80; 6th bet – $160; 7th bet = $320; 8th bet – $640!

To avoid losing large sums of money, start the betting cycle with small amounts – $1 bet is the best.

Grand Martingale System

The Grand (or Great) Martingale system is a variation of the classic one where you have greater growth of bets and after each loss you double the bet plus add one more unit to the doubled amount. Such bets are good for Roulette tables with 1000$ limit: 1st bet – $5; 2nd bet – $11; 3rd bet – $23; 4th bet – $47; 5th bet – $95; 6th bet – $191; 7th bet = $383; 8th bet – $767; 9th bet – $1535! When you finally win your net gain will be your initial bet plus one unit.

Reverse Martingale System

Reverse Martingale system is based on winning, not losing games – you double the next roulette bet after each win and go to initial sum of bet when you lose. Many gamblers consider this system to be less risky than the traditional Martingale betting system. Which system is the best for you? Consider each possibility and start your game with light heart and cheerful mood!