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When somebody mentions French roulette and you remember a weird oval layout of numbers on the table, you surely think that French roulette is another type of European roulette. If so, you will be surprised to find out that French roulette is the original variant of roulette – our forefathers made their bets for centuries at those unusual tables with oval layouts! In other words, modern European roulette used to look very much like today’s French roulette hundreds of years ago.

French roulette is a kind of tradition that never becomes outdated. Here you can make so-called call bets on the groups of numbers exactly the way they are arranged on the Roulette wheel. French roulette normally uses French terms, so you have a perfect chance to make the following call bets: Voisins du Zero, Orphans (or Orphelins) and Tier du Cylindre. What you do is you bet your roulette chips on all the numbers in the group.

If any number covered by your bet wins, you are paid 35 to 1 (which is the case with Straight up bets in European and American roulettes). The rest of the rules are the same for all types of roulettes: you buy chips, you choose the number, you make your bet and follow a tiny ball rolling on the wheel…

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